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Legal notice

Brief summary of legal announcements:

  1. Everything published on our web site is available to you.
  2. You can use the web site at your own risk.

More information in the following paragraphs.


  1. Use of the Published Information

The Fiscal Council operates in line with the principles of openness and transparency. Therefore we provide information referred to our field of work which is publicly available to natural or legal persons. By doing so, the Fiscal Council implements the right of access to public information.

We are trying to inform the public on activities of the Fiscal Council promptly and efficiently. The published information is public. The information is available without limitations and may be reproduced for commercial or non-commercial purposes.

Public information is all information originating from the field of work of the public sector bodies and occurring in the form of a document, a case, a dossier, a register, a record or other documentary material drawn up by the body, by the body in cooperation with other body, or acquired from other persons. Natural and legal persons can use this information also for commercial or non commercial reuse, except for the primary purpose of the public service for which the documents were originally created. Public information is in line with the Access to Public information Act available without limitations to the natural and legal persons.


  1. Limited Responsibility

The entire risk as to the use of the published contents is with the users. The Fiscal Council does not assume civil or penal responsibility for the use of the information from the web site.

We would like to explicitly state that the information on the web site:

  • is not necessarily the exact reproduction of the official documents, the only credible information is that published in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia or in the original document,
  • is not necessarily complete, accurate or up-to-date,
  • can contain links to other, external web sites which are not under the control of the Fiscal council therefore we cannot be responsible for them,
  • is not professional or legal advice.

The Fiscal council and any other legal or natural person who co-operated in creating and preparing this web site will not be liable for losses or damages arising out of the access to, use of or inability to use the information on this Web Site or any errors or omissions in its contents.

Regardless the causes, the Fiscal Council has all rights reserved to change, add or remove the web site (entirely or partially) without prior notice and it is not held responsible for any consequences of such changes.

This statement dose not limit the responsibility of the Fiscal Council when operating contrary to the valid legislation and it does not exclude responsibility for the acts for which limiting responsibility is not provided for in the law.

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