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Letter of access

Letter of access

This Letter of access relates to the website of the Fiscal Council: fs-rs.si.
In order to meet the demands related to accessibility, some systemic adjustments were provided therefor, namely:

  • website responsive design (adjusting content layout to screen resolution),
  • presentation of the contents for the users of assistive technologies (i.e. screen readers),
  • appropriate colour contrasts (between the text and background),
  • possibility to increase the font size,
  • important pictures are equipped with descriptions,
  • moving images are not used (GIF),
  • links are descriptive,
  • predictable operation of the website,
  • enabling the use of different levels of headings.

Compliance status

Website of the Fiscal Council is partially compliant with the Accessibility of Websites and Mobile Applications Act due to the exceptions outlined in the following paragraphs.

Non-accessible content

Despite the fact that we are aiming to increase the accessibility and usability of our website to the greatest extent possible, all the elements do not provide for the optimisation of the complete accessibility. Therefore, some published contents do not meet all the demands related to accessibility as defined by the Accessibility of Websites and Mobile Applications Act. Those deficiencies are:

  • we use PDF and XLS format for documents, where reading by hardware devices is possible:
    • assessments of compliance with fiscal rules,
    • recommendations, positions and analyses;
  • videos are not equipped with subtitles.

Preparation of the Letter of access

The Letter of access was prepared on 23 September 2020 on the basis of self-evaluation.

The Letter of access was last revised on 23 September 2020.

Feedback and contact information

Notice on allegedly inaccessible contents and/or request for information on inaccessible contents can be sent via regular or e-mail to the address:
Fiscal Council
Likozarjeva ulica 3
1000 Ljubljana
email: gp.fs@fs-rs.si

The answer shall be delivered in eight days from the day of receipt of the notice or request. If unable to provide the appropriate answer in the above defined time limits, we shall inform you when the answers shall be issued and what were the reasons for the delay.

The control over the exercise of the provisions of Article 5 to Article 8 of Accessibility of Websites and Mobile Applications Act is undertaken by the inspectors for information society.

Enforcement procedure

In case of an unsatisfactory answer to any notice or demand forwarded in line with Article 8 of Accessibility of Websites and Mobile Applications Act, you can send a complaint to the inspectors for information society.

Information Society and Informatics Directorate
Ministry of Public Administration
Tržaška cesta 21
1000 Ljubljana

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