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Report on the Fiscal Council’s operations in 2017

In accordance with the Fiscal Rule Act, the Fiscal Council is obliged to submit to the National Assembly a report on its operations in the previous year by the end of May each year. The first part of the report describes the structure and various levels of operations of the Fiscal Council in the first […]


Assessment by the Fiscal Council: Draft Stability Programme – the 2018 update is not in accordance with fiscal rules

The favourable economic situation in 2017 enabled an accelerated fiscal consolidation and further convergence towards the mid-term fiscal objective in Slovenia. Having examined the draft Stability Programme (SP 2018) for the 2018–2021 period, the Fiscal Council unfortunately needs to establish that the projected fiscal trends are not in compliance with fiscal rules. The appropriate mid-term […]


Consultation Marking the First Anniversary of the Fiscal Council

To mark the first anniversary of its activities, the Fiscal Council organised a consultation with experts in public finance and economic policy. Following the invitation of the Fiscal Council, the participants expressed their opinions about its past work as well as the tasks and challenges faced by the newly established institution in the future.


Fiscal Council publishes Public Finance and Macroeconomic Developments

In addition to current trends, the publication “Public Finance and Macroeconomic Developments”, issued by the Fiscal Council, will also include an assessment of the factors and risks that could affect the attainment of fiscal objectives. In accordance with the Fiscal Rule Act, the Fiscal Council publishes its assessments of compliance with fiscal rules in its […]

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