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Report on the Fiscal Council’s operations in 2022

According to the Fiscal Rule Act, the Fiscal Council is obliged to submit a report on its activities in the previous year to the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia by the end of May each year. Under this law, adopted in June 2015, the Fiscal Council is an autonomous and independent state authority […]


Assessment by the Fiscal Council: Assessment of budgetary documents for 2023–2026

The fiscal policy stance projected in the medium-term budget documents is on average neutral over the 2023–2026 period, but in the absence of reforms, the projections imply rather limited room for manoeuvre for fiscal policy in the years ahead. Most of the indicators used by the Fiscal Council in preparing its assessment show compliance with […]


Monthly Information, April 2023

In the first three months of this year, the state budget had a deficit (EUR 324 million). Excluding the direct impact of expenditure on anti-COVID measures (EUR 58 million) and anti-inflationary measures (EUR 237 million), the deficit was EUR 30 million. Based on the latest available information, we estimate that the state budget expenditure on […]


Some challenges of the EU economic governance framework reform

The Fiscal Council has published two studies that present the challenges associated with two key elements of the European Commission’s proposal regarding the change in the EU’s economic governance: the medium-term fiscal plan and a study of debt sustainability and the related sensitivity of projections to changed assumptions. The proposed binding medium-term fiscal plan represents […]

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