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Position of the Fiscal Council on the legal framework for medium-term fiscal planning

The Fiscal Council calls for accelerated adoption of the new Public Finance Act, so that, among other things, the provisions of the Directive on requirements for budgetary frameworks of the Member States (2011/85/EU) will finally be transposed appropriately and the new act can be applied in budgetary procedures as of the beginning of 2018.


Fiscal Council recommendation: Fiscal policy must include swift actions to limit the fiscal implications of population aging

Demographic aging is one of the key challenges of Slovenian fiscal policy. This is a long-term problem, which, however, calls for an immediate response. Without quick action on demographic aging-related expenditure, the conditions for achieving medium and long-term stability of public finances will be tightened, as it will be necessary to establish a significantly higher […]


Assessment of compliance of the general government budget with the fiscal rules in 2016

The Fiscal Council is obliged to assess the compliance of the general government budget from the previous year with the fiscal rules. On the basis of the review of the macroeconomic situation and the developments in public finances the Fiscal Council assesses that in 2016 Slovenia complied with the fiscal rules that apply in periods […]

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