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Monthly Information, March 2021

According to the preliminary data, the state budget deficit in the first two months of 2021 was EUR 661 million, which is almost a quarter of the projected deficit for the whole of 2021. The deficit would be smaller (EUR −128 million) without considering COVID measures. The monthly cost of COVID measures with a direct effect on the state budget balance was EUR 65 million […]


Public Finance and Macroeconomic Developments, February 2021

Being undertaken due to the epidemiological crisis, the extensive measures are reflected in the significant increase in general government expenditure, while general government revenue has also seen a substantial decline due to the restrictions imposed on a range of economic activities resulting in a severe economic downturn. The deterioration of public finances is predominantly a […]


Monthly Information, February 2021

According to provisional data, the state budget deficit amounted to EUR 434 million in January 2021, and without the effect of COVID-related measures the state budget would have had a slight surplus (EUR 36 million). The monthly cost of COVID-related measures with a direct effect on the state budget balance was EUR 472 million in […]


Monthly Information, January 2021

In accordance with the Fiscal Council’s expectations, the state budget deficit in 2020 was EUR 3.5 billion and therefore smaller than the revised budget projections (EUR 4.2 billion). The scope of all implemented COVID measures in 2020 amounted to EUR 2.9 billion and to EUR 2.4 billion for the measures having direct effect on general […]


Fiscal Council warns against adopting anti-corona legislation measures that will worsen the structural position of public finance

Due to the changing demographic structure, the long-term sustainability of public finance in Slovenia is exposed to many risks. The amendments to the pension legislation adopted in 2019 only led the situation to deteriorate, while appropriate compensatory measures have not yet been adopted. The proposal of the seventh anti-corona package (ACP7-PKP7 in Slovene version) contains […]


Assessment by the Fiscal Council: Assessment of budget documents for 2021 and 2022

In the current uncertain conditions, expansionary fiscal policy is counter-cyclical and, as such, appropriate in the light of available forecasts. However, the planned expenditure of the general government sector in the coming years is high and therefore exposed to significant risks, especially related to their effectiveness. At the same time, the current situation should not […]

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