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Public Finance and Macroeconomic Developments, July 2021

The withdrawal of restrictive measures and the consequent gradual recovery of economic activity, which is distributed relatively evenly across activities this year, have not yet been fully reflected in the improvement of the situation of public finances. Expenditure related to COVID measures was rather high in the first six months, mainly due to certain measures […]


Analysis of fiscal effects arising from the proposed amendments to tax legislation

At its meeting on 2 June 2021, the National Assembly’s Commission for Public Finance Control adopted a decision proposing the Fiscal Council prepare a comprehensive analysis of fiscal effects of the government’s tax package and submit it to the Commission. The Fiscal Council received the Commission’s decision on 3 June 2021. The analysis drawn up […]


Monthly Information, June 2021

According to provisional data, the state budget deficit amounted to EUR 1,350 million in the first five months of 2021, and without the direct effect of COVID-related measures the budget would be roughly balanced. A deficit of EUR 2,747 million is envisaged in the state budget for the whole year. Revenue in the first five […]


Report on the Fiscal Council’s operation in 2020

The Fiscal Council has prepared a report on its operation in the past year, which it is obliged to submit, pursuant to the Fiscal Rule Act, to the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia by the end of May each year. The Fiscal Council estimates that in 2020 all the obligations imposed by legislation […]

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