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Assessment by the Fiscal Council: Assessment of budgetary documents for the 2024–2027 period

The general government deficit, excluding the intervention measures, is expected to remain at a similar level until 2027, after an increase to around 2.0% of GDP this year, despite the projected stable and relatively favourable macroeconomic conditions mirrored in general government revenue. The projected deterioration of the fiscal position this year is mainly due to […]


Monthly Information, April 2024

The state budget was in deficit in the first three months of the year (EUR 379 million), according to preliminary data, excluding the direct effect of intervention measures amounting to EUR 278 million. In both comparisons, the deficit was higher than in the same period last year. Total revenue was 4.0% higher year-on-year on average […]


Monthly Information, March 2024

According to preliminary data, in the first two months of 2024 the state budget recorded a surplus (of EUR 179 million), which amounted to EUR 253 million excluding the impact of various intervention measures. In both comparisons, the surplus slightly exceeded that recorded in the same period of the previous year. In the first two […]


Monthly Information, February 2024

A key short-term risk to the sustainability of public finances is the renewed demands for public sector wage increases. It should be pointed out that measures taken in the past have maintained, on average, the real purchasing power of public employees at its pre-epidemic level, and large bonuses have been paid as part of the […]


Fiscal Council hosted the delegation of the International Monetary Fund

On 23 January 2024, Fiscal Council hosted a delegation of International Monetary Fund (IMF) within its regular annual visit to Slovenia in accordance with Article IV of the IMF’s Articles of Agreement. The purpose of the visit was to exchange views on current public finance developments and challenges as well as on risks to long-term […]

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