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Further clarification by the Fiscal Council regarding the projections of total social benefits expenditure including pensions within the assessment of budget documents for the 2021–2024 period

In drawing up each assessment of budget documents, the Fiscal Council asks the Ministry of Finance for detailed general government revenue and expenditure projections based on the projections that are evident from the draft 2021 Stability Programme. This time, detailed projections were particularly important for drawing up the assessment of the compliance of budget documents […]


Assessment by the Fiscal Council: Assessment of budgetary documents for 2021 – 2024

In the current uncertain climate, deviations from the medium-term balance are permitted due to exceptional circumstances in accordance with the Fiscal Rule Act, provided that this does not endanger fiscal sustainability in the medium term. The projections for 2021 and 2022 in the submitted budget documents indicate an expansionary fiscal policy that is countercyclical according […]


Public investment in Slovenia: trends, structure and challenges

In principle, public investment can make a positive contribution to economic growth and the strengthening of economic potential, and thus to developmental catch-up. The available fiscal plans and guidelines for the creation of the EU Next Generation Fund suggest that public investment should play a key role in ensuring the recovery from the current epidemic […]


Monthly Information, April 2021

According to preliminary data, the state budget deficit in the first three months of 2021 was EUR 1,291 million, which is almost half of the projected deficit for the whole of 2021. Not counting the direct effect of COVID measures, the deficit amounts to EUR 432 million. While a deficit increase in the first quarter is not uncommon, mostly due to […]


Slovenia’s general government debt: characteristics, medium-term sustainability and long-term simulations

The general government debt mirrors imbalances in public finances, which makes it one of the most important indicators of the macroeconomic situation. After the general government debt failed to reach pre-crisis levels following its significant increase in the previous global financial crisis, the current crisis contributed to its renewed strong increase in Slovenia and in […]

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