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Assessment by the Fiscal Council: Compliance of the Proposal of Revised State Budget 2019 with the fiscal rules

The proposed revised state budget and the already adopted Framework for the Preparation of the General Government Budget indicate an expansionary and pro-cyclical fiscal policy in 2019. In the Fiscal Council’s opinion, such policy is unsuitable in the current conditions. In this regard, the Fiscal Council considers it worrying that the growth in revenue, achieved mainly through economic growth, will be accompanied by a sustained increase in expenditure, which will not simultaneously address structural challenges of public finances.


Public Finance and Macroeconomic Developments, January 2019

Favourable fiscal trends continued last year, but structural indicators, the position in the economic cycle and increased risks require increased caution in running fiscal policy and the adoption of measures to address long-term challenges. The general government sector recorded a surplus of 0.8% of GDP in the three quarters of 2018, which was mainly driven […]


Assessment by the Fiscal Council: Proposal for the Ordinance amending the Ordinance on the Framework for Preparing General Government Budgets for the Period 2018–2020

The proposed Ordinance Amending the Ordinance on the Framework for Preparing General Government Budgets for the 2018–2020 Period, which was received for assessment by the Fiscal Council, relates solely to 2019. Thus the framework does not reflect the fiscal policy orientation for the next few years, as required by the law. As a result, Slovenia […]


Fiscal Council consultation at the end of 2018

Members of the Fiscal Council were confirmed by the Parliament in March 2017, with 2018 being the first full calendar year of Fiscal Council’s operation. At this occasion, Fiscal Council organised a consultation with experts on public finance and on economic policy. The consultation was attended by Anže Burger, PhD, Boris Majcen, PhD, Matjaž Novak, […]


Fiscal Council hosted the delegation of the International Monetary Fund

On 6 December 2018 Fiscal Council hosted a delegation of International Monetary Fund (IMF) within its regular annual visit to Slovenia. Members of the IMF delegation presented alternative ways of tax restructuring to the Fiscal Council, which was followed by a short discussion on main issues related to this topic.

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