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Report on the Fiscal Council’s operation in 2021

Pursuant to the Fiscal Rule Act, the Fiscal Council is required to submit a report on its operations in the past year to the National Assembly of the Republic of Slovenia by the end of May each year. The aforementioned Act, adopted in June 2015, identifies the Fiscal Council as an independent and autonomous state […]


Fiscal Council held a meeting with Prime Minister elect Mr Robert Golob

The Prime Minister elect Mr Robert Golog responded to the invitation and visited the Fiscal Council together with Mr Klemen Boštjančič, the candidate for the Minister of Finance, today. During an informal meeting the Fiscal Council expressed its views on the general government position in Slovenia. The discussion also addressed current major macroeconomic and public […]


Assessment by the Fiscal Council: Assessment of the 2022 Stability Programme

The no-policy-change scenario in the 2022 Stability Programme foresees a gradual improvement in the fiscal situation. However, this improvement will be somewhat limited by the discretionary measures already adopted, and the envisaged 2025 deficit is set to be higher than last year, without taking into account the COVID-related measures. Revenue growth is expected to continue, […]


The proposed framework for the preparation of general government budgets for the period 2023-2025 and the Draft Stability Program 2022 have not been submitted to the Fiscal Council by the deadline (10 April 2022)

To date, 13 April 2022, the Fiscal Council has not received a proposal from the Government of the Republic of Slovenia of the framework of the budget preparation for 2023-2025 and draft Stability Program 2022. The Fiscal Rule Act (Official Gazette RS 55/15 and 177/20) stipulates in the second paragraph of Article 6 that the […]


Financing climate transition in Slovenia: Current trends and estimated future needs

Achieving the climate and energy targets will be one of the greatest challenges for fiscal policy in the coming years. As it is expected that investments in the implementation of these targets will increase significantly, one of the solutions frequently mentioned in the discussions on potential changes in fiscal rules at the EU level is […]


Monthly Information, April 2022

According to preliminary data, the state budget deficit amounted to EUR 260 million in the first three months of 2022, while without the direct effect of COVID-related measures, there would have been a surplus of EUR 15 million. The state budget balance in both comparisons was better than in the same period last year, which […]

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